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Phoenix Project – Rewrite the Constitution for Oregon
A new Constitution for Oregon UPDATED: May 4th 2016

In campaign promise #3 I said I would rewrite the Oregon Constitution as part of being Governor of the State. With all the happenings within the last few months, it is far better to get started now.

Debate Questions and Answers

I do not believe there will be any debates in Oregon, only forums. This list is intended to show my stance on various issues.

Why Bob is qualified

Who is Bob?

What I really think of series

Why run for governor instead of congress

Three Reasons I ran for governor

Opportunities for Oregon

Riding a slug to the moon

Miscellaneous Articles

Campaign Promise

Dad’s Purple Heart

Constitutional Amendment 28 Fourth Branch of Government
Constitutional Amendment 29 Contract for the People
Constitutional Amendment 30 National Sales Tax
Constitutional Amendment 31 Supreme Court Overturn

Declaration of Independence

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