Bob Niemeyer for District 35 House of Representatives for the state of Oregon
Fellow Oregonians:

The theme of “Protect the People from the Government” has been a success. When asked “Why are you running?”, simply pointing this out as a goal, if not the reason for running, has had one important reaction: “Protect the People from the Government” has been making the People think about what the government has been up to.

Pointing out the government efforts to Toll Roads or how government can tell the Police to selectively enforce laws, as what happened in Portland, are precise examples of what I mean.  In short, the economy and personal safety are two of my highest priorities and when the People realize what the government is doing or NOT doing, protecting the People from the government makes sense.

Same thing applies to the Public School System. Our public schools have been destroyed by government actions. Having a voucher system with School Choice is the only way left for the parents of Oregon’s children to get the education that they believe will be best for their children’s future. Schools will listen to parents with money in their hands instead of obeying the government controls.  A genuine education is the only way to a future worth living.

People are realizing how much the government has damaged Oregonian’s path to a future that We-The-People want.

“The People’s future is more important than the government’s future.”