Bob Niemeyer for District 35 House of Representatives for the state of Oregon
Fellow Oregonians:

The Republican Party has placed Election Integrity as the “Number 1” plank on the Republican Party Platform. Nothing really matters if the People of this State do not have honest elections. No school board will be able to get rid of the filth in public school libraries or bullies terrifying fellow students, no city will have enough police to protect the public safety, no government service will be supplied that is free from corruption, and no change for the better that the People of this State want will ever be allowed.

We-The-People have got to restore trust in our government by knowing that the people we elect are there to represent the People and not the government. There is only one way to restore that trust; Photo ID, in-person voting, ONLY US citizens voting, one day elections, on the spot counting and reporting, and chain of custody of the ballots from every precinct to County Seat being done by Oregon’s Police.

As an Election Observer, we got to see first-hand what was done at the Washington County Election facility in Hillsboro. There were too numerous problems to spell out in the counting process. And way too numerous ways to manufacture fraudulent ballots via the DMV.

The “Mail-in Ballot System” has got to go. Simply put, the mail in ballot is a cheaters paradise and a necessary part of today’s corruption that is consuming Oregon’s tomorrows.