Bob Niemeyer for District 35 House of Representatives for the state of Oregon
Fellow Oregonians:

“Half the job of a Legislator is to protect the People from the Government” The safety of Tigard and protecting our economic future are my highest priorities.

Does Tigard want a “Portland Style” way of life? I believe that the Police should be funded properly and that the Mayor should be able to choose the Police Chief. However, the Mayor should not have the ability to selectively enforce the law like what happened to destroy Portland.

Tolling roads in Oregon is an example of a government program that must be stopped. More than 80% of all money collected will be consumed by collecting the Tolls and will only increase the size of government. There is also no intention for the remaining 20% to go to building roads and bridges. Tolls are nothing more than money to spend, no matter what the cost.

Oregon’s Public Education system has been destroyed. I believe that going to a Voucher system where the Parents can shop for a school that supplies the educational curriculum for their child’s future is the only way left to protect a child’s future from government actions.

Unusual and excessive taxation such as the “Carbon Tax” must be stopped. Oregon needs Constitutional amendments that clearly define and limit what can be taxed and where those tax dollars can go. I believe that Property taxes should be dedicated to property related activities such as funding the Police and such activities as keeping records like where utilities are located.

Oregon has a real problem with the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). I believe that PERS has been turned into nothing more than a bribery system that is giving away money that Oregon’s children will be paying fore for decades to come. I also believe that the people receiving PERS should be protected from government actions that may look at the PERS assets as a source of money to spend. Public employees earned their pensions. I will protect your pensions.

Elect Bob Niemeyer to the 25th District of the House of Representatives.

“The People’s future is more important than the government’s future.”

Bob Niemeyer