We must begin this discussion with “God”. And for the sake of this discussion, God is God. Whether that be the God of the Old Testament of the Bible, or Jesus, the God of the New Testament of the Bible, or Allah, the God of the Koran, or even Ra, the god of the ancient Egyptians. God is fundamentally a supreme being that holds control over our after-lives and is responsible for creating all that we know to exist today.

God has one requirement that any Supreme Being must live up to: God must keep His word that there will be an after-life with God. It is fair to say that if God does not keep His promise of an after-life or life with God forever, God will not have anybody to believe in Him or worship Him.

If we look at a promise or the keeping of one’s word as an absolute requirement of any God, that implies that God, any God, has a higher authority than Himself; “God’s Word” becomes the highest authority. After all, what good is believing in or worshiping a god if he does not keep His promises.

It is also important to note that God’s word is also written down in the form of the Bible or in the case of Ra, chiseled into the side of pyramids or painted inside of tombs and temples.

At this point in this discussion, “Authority” is the most important point to remember.

The highest authority is “God’s Word”. The next step down in authority is “God”. And after God is “God’s church”. The place or location, whether that be in a building, on a street corner, or in one’s heart in prayer is simply a place to worship God.

After God’s Church come those that are “Ordained”. These are people that are given authority to represent the church within a given belief to help and guide members of the church in their worshiping and provide support in life’s successes and losses.

From the People or masses rise like-minded people with similar beliefs, trusts, and Faith in the Word of God to form the “Flock”. People coming together to worship under the guidance of the Ordained in a church or on a street corner, in prayer, in song, or in Praise of the God they believe will keep His promises.

In summation; The highest to lowest authority is “God’s Word”, “God”, “God’s church”, the “Ordained”, the “Flock”, and finally the People. Six levels of authority that have been around since the dawn of time. Six levels of authority that the founding fathers of the United States of America used to pattern this Nation after.

What is the highest authority in our Nation of the United States of America? It is the Declaration of Independence. A Declaration that listed out what King George was doing that the Americans wanted stopped. A Declaration in writing that proclaimed Independence and why the people should be free. A Declaration the signers gave their “Word of Honor” to keep. A promise to use their fortunes and their very lives to keep.

After the revolutionary war was won, the signers of the Declaration were obligated to find a way to create a government. Some people at the time were even willing to make George Washington the King of America. A Kingship that Washington turned down in favor of finding a way to have the people be in control of the Government. The only way to have the people control government was a Constitution that had the authority to do so. A simple piece of paper that has the authority to define government, government roles and responsibilities, and above all, government limitations.

The United States of America’s highest authority is therefore “Independence”. The only reason the Constitution exists is to keep the promise of Independence. All of the guidelines, checks and balances, and the Bill of Rights set down in writing in the Constitution were done to create a Government with the authority to maintain Independence.

The Government then becomes the third level of authority with those are elected to represent the people being placed in charge of the operation of the Government. As the ordained are placed in charge of the Church, we elect people to run our Government.

From the People or masses rise like-minded people with similar beliefs, trusts, and Faith in Independence we form the political parties to choose the people we believe will represent the people in Government.

In summation; The highest to lowest authority is “Independence”, “Constitution”, “Government”, the “Elected”, the “Political Parties”, and finally the People. Six levels of authority that have been around since the founding of this Nation.

The Separation of Church and State has nothing to with pulling God out of government or preventing religion from being part of Government. The Separation is nothing more than two separate sets of authority to believe in.

Both are tied together by a common thread. What we all believe to be the “Truth”. There is no difference between what your faith believes to be true and what the citizens of the United States of America believe to be Independence. The only difference between God’s Word and Independence is that Independence gives you the freedom to believe in what you believe to be the truth.