I went to Salem to see the vote on the SB 1528 that would have allowed small businesses in Oregon to keep the tax breaks they got from President Trump’s tax cut. A yes vote would take the money and a no vote would leave the money in the hands of small business.

On the floor, there were two basic arguments. The Democrat argument of reliable funding for schools (the “do this for the children” argument). The Republican argument that the money was intended to stay in the hands of small businesses so they can hire more people or at the very least, pay higher wages (the “It’s the economy stupid” arguments).

There were also two arguments that seemed to fall on deaf ears. Representative Julie Parish brought up the fact that the Legislature has yet to do anything to really improve the schools in Oregon and that this is really a small amount of money compared to what is really needed to get our schools up to where they should be. Representative Carl Wilson brought up that all he has ever heard was that small businesses need to just “Work Harder” if you want anything to keep and use to improve your business.

As an “outsider”, the following is what I actually saw, heard, or didn’t hear:

I saw the Democrat’s resentment of success blatantly show itself in the way they sat there and rolled their eyes when any Republican brought up keeping the tax cut, as if to say, “How dare you not take care of our schools,” or the old, very old, old, old adage that the rich just keep getting richer and can afford to make less money. And don’t forget that anybody that owns and operates a small business is rich.

I saw the Republicans want to better this State by letting the People decide what they want and how they also want businesses in Oregon to thrive. I saw the Republicans clearly on the side of the People knowing what is best for themselves and their families.

I did not hear the argument that that if the “Rich” have extra money to spend from the tax cut, we should be doing something to make sure the money is spent in Oregon by letting businesses in Oregon improve what they have to offer, nor did I hear any points made about doing anything with our schools to teach our children through hands on education so that they have ways to “Earn” money in the future.

All this bill does is make sure that the UPS and Fed Ex trucks deliver goods and services produced in anyplace but Oregon to the people that have not been targeted for taxation by our Legislature yet. Small businesses are People too. This is what I mean by “Earn UP economics”.