Veterans Are Our Treasure

Bob Niemeyer

November 11, 2016

To understand why our Veterans are important to America, people need to understand what the concept of “Treasure” is. I am sure that many of the people have heard the term “Risk our Nation’s youth and treasure” when this Nation considers going to war. If you haven’t, please follow along.

Picture, if you will, a “Treasure Chest” with many valuable contents. Now most people at this point would envision a pile of gold coins or jewel encrusted goblets and candlesticks. But we are attempting to picture “America’s Treasure Chest” and what is really inside. As part of this picture, there are Americans around the chest that are contributing to the Treasure at every step of their lives through taxes, through increasing their value to the People by education or starting a business, or becoming part of our Military to protect our Nation from enemies.

Within that chest are our roads, bridges, buildings, homes, or everything that We the People have built. And yes there is gold and our money. But also in that chest is our Safety, our Freedom, and what America has built to protect both our Safety and Freedom because Safety and Freedom has “Value” to us all. And, for those who have joined the military, our military personnel. Our military are inside the Treasure Chest along with the ships, Hummers, bombers, or anything and everything we have built to protect this Nation.

When it comes time for the military personnel to leave the Treasure Chest and join the Americans around the outside of chest, they become our Veterans. The “Value” of what they contributed stays in the chest. Those who sacrificed all for this Nation stays in the chest. Those who sacrificed by being wounded both physically and mentally stay in the chest. And those who have dedicated their careers and significant parts of their lives stay in the chest. It is up to the People around that chest to help them get out and become part of the living and thriving Americans that the military risked all to protect.

–For those who gave the last full measure, they shall never have the chance to become a Veteran. We the People can thank them only with the promise that they will come home and be honored for their service. Their “Value” to the People shall remain as part of our Treasure and shall remain in the chest as long as the United States of America is on the face of this Earth. A Treasure that we show our appreciation for when we sing the National Anthem before events, Pledge Allegiance to the Flag, or celebrate our freedoms and safety through parades or placing flags on the graves of the fallen.

–For those who were wounded, both physically and mentally, We the People made a promise to help them become Veterans by providing what is required for their return to standing with Americans around the chest. A promise that includes healthcare (both physical and mental), training in a new vocation, and help finding a job that will aid that Veteran to someday contribute more “Value” to the Treasure chest.

–For those who learned skills that are not needed outside of the chest such as the assembly of a pontoon across a river or have dedicated their careers to maintaining our Safety and Freedom, We the People made the promise to retrain those Veterans.

It is the “Value” that I speak of that our Veterans have to this Nation that We the People are obligated to maintain. Our elected officials, in many cases, decided not to keep the promises that were given to our Veterans. Some elected officials have done nothing but cut holes in the chest and allow parts of what is inside to leak out for the purposes of buying votes to keep themselves in office. Many of our elected officials seem to forget (conveniently so) that We the People around the chest see what we have contributed and are watching those officials ignore us all by continuing to give away what so many built for our future for their personal gain.

Notice that our elected officials are not or will ever be part of the treasure. They represent the People, and as such, their job is to maintain and protect the treasure that belongs to the People of the United States of America. Notice that some officials have chopped holes in the chest to spill resources that could have gone to education, protecting our safety, or maintaining the “Value” of our treasure for the express purpose of his or her staying in power. And notice how some elected officials often disguise themselves to look like treasure by making promises or polishing their appearance. There is no amount of polish that will ever make an elected official worth being a part of our treasure, only his or her actions that maintain and protect what we have built and contributed can elevate a person to a place of becoming part of this Nation’s treasure. Monuments to his or her actions that go above the call of patriotism are just as much part of our treasure as are our homes and cities.

I personally thank all of the People of the United States of America for making up for elected officials that have not kept the promises we made to Veterans. The little things we all do like a discount or hiring a Veteran to help he or she stand with the Americans around the chest are all tokens of our appreciation for our Veterans.

There is one other part of the Treasure that no one can hold in their hands. It is simply “Pride” in our Nation. “Pride” is by far one of the most valuable jewels the Treasure Chest as “Pride” also exist outside of the chest in our hearts and minds. Our Veterans represent that “Pride” and have earned our support because We the People believe in what they did for us all as much as our Veterans believed in America by risking their lives, their hearts, and their futures.

This Veteran’s day, be Proud of our Nation, listen and stand for our National Anthem, go to a parade, and thank a Veteran. Always remember that Veterans are just as much a part of our treasure as anything that America has ever built, for everything that America has ever put into our Treasure Chest was made possible by the men and women who risked everything for America.

Bob Niemeyer