Three Reasons

Bob Niemeyer

October 9, 2015

There are three reasons I am running for Governor of the State of Oregon:

Reason 1; “Rebuild Our Independence and Our Jobs Will Follow”

The United States of America’s founding is based on Independence. So should the Constitution of the State of Oregon and subsequently the laws our Legislature make and the Governor sign. Independence does not seem to be the goal of the State of Oregon, but rather the control through taxation, regulation, and the creation of laws outside of the Constitutional processes. The only way to get the jobs lost, education lost, and Oregon’s future back is to get Independence back into the law and Government out of the way.

Reason 2: “No one, particularly Americans, should live their lives in fear”

We must stop the fear we all have of what an “out of control” government will do to the people of this State and Nation. There is a fear in the minds and hearts of Oregon business owners that some regulator will show up and take what they have worked so hard to build. A fear that the government will not adhere to equal protection under the law. Or a fear that our children will not be safe at school.

Most immigrants come to the United States of America to get away from forms of government that allow rampant corruption, not to get religious freedom. Legal immigrants are clearly seeing and fearing what they came here to avoid in the State and Federal government actions that do not follow Constitutional guidelines.

Reason 3: To Offer A New Way to Look at Government Actions

The only fear that I have, for now at least, is what the Democratic Party will do to prove that they are “right”. There is virtually no way to get anyone from the Democratic Party leadership to admit that they are taking our State and Nation in the wrong direction.

We must all understand that the Democratic Party leadership is doing what Democrats think is “right” for the people. And as a result: “There is absolutely no cost great enough to the citizens of the United States of America or to the People of the State of Oregon that will convince todays Democratic Party leadership to represent the People instead of their party. There is no cost in Liberty, no cost in the increasing size of government, no cost in what it takes to buy votes, no cost in the loss of businesses, and no cost in the lost education of our children that will change the minds of the Democratic leadership that the direction that they are taking this State and Nation is not the direction that the overwhelming majority want to go in”.

The Democratic Party Leadership is now in the mode of lying about their successes, lying about their failures, and telling lies to cover up lies and corruption.

Cost to the People is not always in terms of Dollars. The cost is also in terms of the loss of Freedom, loss of rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and the loss of personal safety. But the worst cost of all is the cost of despair. I cannot imagine how much this Nation has lost because people vote Democratic Party, (D), only to keep what meager existence they have as a result of Democratic Party control of the government.

We must replace those elected officials that are continuously trying to prove that the Democrats know better what the people want. We must replace them with new elected officials that believe in smaller government, believe in reducing government involvement in business, and believe in rebuilding our Independence.


Health care is but one example of an escalating effort to prove that the Democrats and the government is “right”. The first attempt of government involvement was “Hillary-Care”. That effort was stopped by an uprising of people that saw through the veil of lies. Now with Obama-care, the Democrats have come back with a vengeance, with weapons this time like the IRS, to try to prove that they are “right” and show us all that government can administer a health care system, make all of your health decisions for you, and do it all for less money than what could be done by the private sector.

Cover Oregon and the lies told about Oracle to cover the Democratic Party incompetence and corruption.

A cry baby president issuing executive orders to show that he and government know better how we should live.

The events in Nevada over land at a cattle ranch. This was only the first stab. We must be wary of the second effort to prove that the government is “right”. The government will come back with a vengeance based on cry baby politics.

Global warming is based on models and predictions that were made by people that falsified data and twisted meanings of scientific data to show that they were “right”. The shutting down of NASA was really done to prevent the exploration of space around the Earth and tell the truth about the influences the sun has on our environment. Again trying to prove they are “right” by denying us the ability to find the truth.

The same people that brand companies as being evil and have only the company’s interest in mind are the same people behind a tax code that force companies into actions that are then used to show how evil that companies can be. A circle of self-fulfilling action and blame.

Cry baby Politics” are what President Obama did when he shut down the White House tours when there were plenty people that would contribute to keeping it open. The barricading of the WW2 memorial was a glaring example of cry-babies in action.

There are only two political parties in the world today. One party (the Republican Party for now) that can place a simple piece of paper, our Constitution, in authority over our government. And the other party (the Democratic Party) who believe that people should have all of the authority they want over the law and our government.

Bob Niemeyer

October 9, 2015