Bob Niemeyer

When I started my first business, one of the people that I sold my dental equipment to, Dr. Garza, told me a little parable:

A snake and dog were on one side of a wide river that was barren of food and shelter. They both could look across the river and could clearly see a better place to live. One day, the dog approached the snake, from afar to keep from being the next meal for the snake, and asked, “You know if we work together to get across the river where we could both have good lives again. I can provide the ability to float and you could provide the ability to help push us both across the river. Would you like to work together to get across the river?”

The snake looked at the dog and thought for a moment about being hungry, how far away the dog was to protect himself, and the better place on the other side of the river. “That is a good idea. I will help you to get to the other side. And I promise not to make you my first meal on the other side.” said the snake.

The dog got into the water and found that he could keep himself afloat. The snake got into the water and sank but reached up to the dog and wrapped himself around the dog leaving his tail behind the pair to push the unlikely team through the water.

Their long trip across the river was going well. A little more than half way across the snake raised his head up and bit the dog. The dog turned and looked at the snake and said, “Why did you do that, we won’t get across now! We are both going to sink and drown”. The snake just said, “What did you expect, I’m a snake”.

The dog tried to keep going, but was soon overcome by the venom. The dog and the snake both sank in the river and were never seen again.

I did not know or understand why Dr. Garza told the parable to me until just a few years ago. After 40 years of business, it took some of the antics of the Democratic party to understand what the Democratic leadership is willing to do to stay in power.

There really are people that would rather see everybody fail and sink to never be seen again rather than admit that the direction that they have taken us is not the direction we want to or should go.

Governor Brown and Speaker of the House, Tina Kotek, has shown us all how much of a snake the Democratic leadership can be. Rather than letting us find out the truth about Planned Parenthood, Governor Brown is paying for abortions. Rather than let Republicans have a chance to introduce legislation into the House of Representatives, Speaker Tina Kotek held up anything the Republicans had to very last moment of the Legislative session to prevent anything that made sense from getting out. Let alone what Peter Cortney may have done in the Senate to get his bridge to nowhere built in Salem. The Democratic Party Leadership are all snakes.

Bob Niemeyer

January 5, 2018