Fellow Oregonians:

2016 will be an important year for Oregon and the United States of America. As Governor of the State of Oregon, I will work to get the Federal Government off of the backs of the People of Oregon and take away the excuses the Oregon Legislature has been using for all to many years to avoid getting our educational system working, roads back in shape, and get out of the way of job creation in Oregon.

I have a unique background in that I grew up in Oregon and worked in both farming and high tech. I worked on farms and grain elevators in the Willamette Valley and started my own business to cover a good deal of the college costs of getting a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University. Now, self-employed since 1988, I help develop products that people use to better their lives and as a result, generate jobs and small businesses across this state.

We desperately need a Governor that has a background in the realities that go along with having a job. We desperately need a Governor that will not be afraid of cutting the purse strings that the Federal government is using to control our lives and future. We desperately need a Governor that will put Oregon above his or her own pocket book. We desperately need a Governor that has background in the realities of science and energy to prevent higher taxes based on lies and uncontrolled spending requirements.

Your support is needed for us to make it to the Governor’s office. This will not be a cheap battle for our future. With your donation of $25, $50, $75 or $100 or more, we can ensure a serious conservative candidate will secure Oregon’s future for a very long time.

Please go to www.bobniemeyer.com and use the donation portal to donate and see some of the ideas I have for how to make Oregon and America better for us all.


Bob Niemeyer