Rewrite the Oregon Constitution

Re-Founding of Oregon

Draft #1.02 Sep 11, 2016

Fellow Oregonians;

When I started the project of running for Governor of the State of Oregon in July of 2015, I had no idea how bad-off the State actually was. In every encounter, in every group, and at every speech given, someone has had a horror story of over reach of the either the State or Federal Government into the lives, property, or safety of Oregonians and American citizens.

All three branches of the Government of the State of Oregon have committed acts outside of Constitutional guidelines. To date, some State Legislatures have even said that there are now four or five branches of Government that may or may not answer to anyone but themselves. And there is what is called “Administrative Rules” that, in some cases, have allowed multiple combinations of the three branches of Government under the control of a single person with the authority to change the law, pronounce guilt under the change of the law, and enforce the law they just changed. Even the death of Oregonians has not been enough to get our Government to protect us from Federal interference into the lives, property, and future of this State.

This is the very definition of oppression, and in a negative way, one of the major reasons why people wanted to come the United States of America. We are becoming exactly what every immigrant that I talked to over the last few years came to America to get away from: The “Government”.

Something is just wrong. We all know it, we all feel it, and we all want to do something about what is going on. The Phoenix Project is what I believe is necessary to right what is wrong with our State. There is simply far too much to correct, far too much corruption, and far too much overreach into our lives to think that we can piecemeal our way back to a successful future.

What is the “Phoenix Project”? Our Constitution is nothing more than a pile of ashes. Burned by what many people are calling “One Party Rule”, burned by allowing people to have uncontrolled authority and power, known as “Administrative Rules”, to operate as two or even three branches of government, or burned by Federal interference and influence into Oregonian’s rights to take care of our State ourselves. Under those ashes there are still some glowing embers in the minds and hearts of Oregonians. It is time that We the People rise up from those ashes and rewrite the Constitution of the State of Oregon. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of its former self, we need a modern day rewrite of our Constitution. We need a Re-Founding of the State of Oregon.

This is my promise to the People as Governor of the State of Oregon. I will have the new Constitution ready for Ratification by January of 2019.

I have been listening long enough, watching government overreach long enough, and witnessing corruption long enough. It’s time for this to happen. This is the only way to get back control of our natural resources, get back control of Education, and get back control of the future of the People of the State of the Oregon, and not have to spend one or two LIFETIMES of effort to piecemeal all of the fixes we need to do.

Please join me in this effort. This is going to be a monumental task that I can’t do myself. I will be asking for input, selecting some people and organizations to write some sections, and publishing updates as we go through the process of perfecting the new Constitution of the State of Oregon.

Please note that the first section of the Phoenix Project begins with a Declaration of Independence. This Nation was started by Declaring Independence. The Declaration was used to provide guidelines for what turned into the Constitution of the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence for the State of Oregon shall be used to keep track of major corrections and problems that need to be solved.

Bob Niemeyer Campaign

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Some Ground Rules

Forty plus years of misguided, unconstitutional, unlawful, hidden behind closed doors, corrupt, and unethical actions (just to name a few) have led us all to seek a solution to the problems that face the State of Oregon.

The following are ground rules, policy statements, or as I prefer to call them, “Themes” for the effort to create the new Constitution for the State of Oregon. Please keep the following in mind when giving input to the Phoenix Project.

Some of the themes are straight forward, i.e., Independence, and some may seem odd, i.e., “You can’t fix stupid.” These Themes exist to cover areas that do not rise to the level of what may be called a “Declaration of Independence statement.” They are considerations to be kept in mind when constructing the new Constitution.

  1. Independence of the State of Oregon to determine our future through the use of our Natural Resources is our right.

  2. Independence is not just a goal, Independence is the only goal.

  3. Independence is why we have a Constitution. The Constitution and its authority over the Government and the Law is why we have Independence.

  4. If Vengeance is any part of your motivation, there is no problem that you will be able to solve.

    1. Works both ways.

    2. Vengeful use of authority in government should be grounds for impeachment.

    3. Vengeful development of the Constitution will only make the problems we face in this State harder to fix or be the cause of leaving a problem unsolved or unaddressed.

  5. Thank you Federal Government, We the People of Oregon can take it from here.

    1. Place the Federal land under Oregon control.

    2. Oregon control means County Commissioner Control.

    3. All Natural Resources are now under County Commissioner Control. They live there, not in Salem.

  6. You can’t fix stupid. But we can fix Government.

    1. Overregulation has many foundations in trying to prevent every single individual from harming themselves. The Government can’t think of or prevent every action that may lead to harm or the loss of property.

    2. Judges will have a basis for liability claims.

    3. Insurance companies have a basis to tell the difference between stupid and dumb.

    4. Provide a basis for not creating laws that the Government knows perfectly well that the Government has no business getting involved with.

  7. “Stupid Government” is not an oxymoron.

  8. There is difference between a lifestyle and a life.

    1. A Lifestyle has no tomorrow and is based only on what you can get right now for consumption right now without regard to what will be needed in the future.

    2. The government has reduced a good deal of Oregonians to a lifestyle of food stamps, unemployment benefits, and an unreliable future.

    3. Oregon will have its life back when Government has been reigned back in.

  9. Bill of Rights. Yes. We also need a Bill of Responsibilities.

    1. We currently have a requirement to fund schools first.

    2. Over reach at every chance the Government gets.

  10. Prevent the waste of revenues before they are spent.

    1. Idea behind the “Fourth Branch”

Something New:

In the month of April, and important concept was brought up. The need to define in modern-day terms when some of the actions that the State is responsible for can take effect. i.e. Define or Declare what and when a citizen is a “Resident” of the State. Or how long a law can exist before the law is no longer in affect.

Please join the effort to complete this project. The original goal was to start this project as part of being Governor of the State of Oregon. With many of the happenings of the last few months, the time to begin is now. Please read, mark up, and return your inputs to A copy will be posted at Also, the above themes are open for updates as well.

Updates will be posted weekly at

We can’t do this without your help. Please go to and donate. Your donations will help Bob Niemeyer be the next Governor of the State of Oregon and will help assure that the Phoenix Project will get completed and ready for ratification. The sooner the better for Oregon.

Thank you for your help.

Bob Niemeyer

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Acknowledgements and Contributors to the Phoenix Project:

Bob Niemeyer Re-founding of the State of Oregon with the Phoenix Project

Darrell Gulstrom Ideas and Development of the “Convention of the Counties”

Scott Jorgensen Feedback on multiple levels of Draft 1.00

Several cautions and legality issues to pursue