Patents held by Bob Niemeyer (Robert H. Niemeyer III) (Robert H Niemeyer)

Marking Instrument
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Mechanical Pencil with Automatic Lead Advance
US 4,705,419

Rotary action graphic recording system
US 4,763,140

Pen lifting and lowering positioner for graphic recorder
US 4,794,406

Following error limit system for graphic recorder
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Pen carriage suspension for graphic recorder
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Symmetrical braking system for a graphic recorder
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Automatic Pen Type Sensor for Graphic Recorder
US 4,853,371

Automatic pen capping mechanism
US 4,860,032

Pen shuttle guide and spring return
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Locking pen support means for graphic recorder
US 4,896,170

Direct writing over-the-drum graphic recorder
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Large volume pen
US 4,937,594

Switch housing with magnetic roller plunger
US 5,155,460

Laser instrument for tracing reference lines and other geometric figures
US 5,400,514

Wafer cassette rotation mechanism
US 6,152,680

Intrathoracic Cardiac Compression
US 6,193,680

Golf ball compression tester
US 9,310,283

Force gauge for pliable material
US 9,121,781

Apparatus and method of use for a wrist extension brace
US 8,652,080

Adjustable Ratcheting Vascular Compression Device and Method of Use
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Patents Pending

Vascular Compression Apparatus, Pad and Method Of Use
US 20120053617