Oregon Constitutional Amendment

Convention of the Counties

Fellow Oregonians:

Darrell Gulstrom has come up with an idea for amending our Constitution that would allow the Counties of the State of Oregon to propose amendments independently of the Legislature. The idea is patterned after Article 5 of the United States Constitution.

A “Convention of the Counties” will be the County Commissioners convening a convention to develop and place up for vote amendments, repeal laws, or modify laws such as remove an Emergency Clause. The Convention of the Counties, by design, will be difficult to use as there are checks and balances built in to prevent its misuse. The amendment will provide the checks and balances that the State of Oregon needs to counteract a great deal of Legislative and Executive branch over reach.

The idea has been incorporated into the new Oregon Constitution under Article 6: The People’s Branch; Referendum, Initiative, and County Commissioners Powers.

Darrell is currently working on the amendment and as soon as it is complete, we will print and update in this location.

Darrell’s amendment is also crucial to the rewriting of the Oregon Constitution. We are going to need a way to Ratify the new Constitution. A Convention of the Counties will be the most likely way to accomplish the goal.

Bob Niemeyer

April 6, 2016