Oregon Constitutional Amendment

Contract for Representation

Section 1:

All elected office holders and those that are appointed by the Legislature or the Governor shall be from the day that this amendment in ratified be defined as a “Self Employed Contractor” representing the People in all matters for which they were elected or appointed. No action from any government agency will be allowed to declare any office holder or appointee as an employee of the Government. (1)

Section 2:

The Legislature shall make no law creating any exception to this amendment exempting themselves or their appointees from any laws enacted by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor. (2)

Section 3:

All State elected and Appointed officials are subject to all revenue laws of the Cities and Districts they represent and reside within while in office. (3)

Section 4:

All State elected and Appointed officials shall receive a salary set by the Legislature. No other forms of compensation other than the salary may be given for their representation of the People of the State of Oregon and the United States of America. No pension shall be provided and all pensions that exist shall be discontinued and paid out. The Legislature shall make no law restricting or controlling other forms of income being received from current or prior activities to taking office. (4)

Section 5:

All State elected and Appointed officials shall receive their salaries for a period of sixty days after leaving office. All State elected officials shall begin receiving their salaries thirty days prior to entering office. No further compensation will be given beyond these points in time and are not subject to unemployment compensation. (5)

Bob Niemeyer

October 9, 2015