Constitutional Amendment 3

National Sales Tax

Section 1:

Congress shall pass no law that creates any exceptions to this Amendment and the States shall make no law excluding or exempting anybody for any reason. Congress shall pass no law creating a value added tax. Congress shall make no law collecting revenues on any sale more than once. Congress shall make no law that requires any American Citizen or the States to supply records of income to the Federal Government.

Section 2:

All revenues that result from this Amendment shall be included in the price paid by the consumer of a product or service.

Section 3:

All Revenues are to be collected by the States. All of the States will receive 2.5% of the Federal revenues for the collection of the revenues. Congress shall make no law duplicating revenue collection agencies.

Section 4:

A maximum tax of $100 for each percentage point of sales tax will be allowed for any one article or service. Congress shall set the level of Sales Tax each year in February and can only be changed once per year.

Section 5:

All revenues from this Amendment are due upon receipt of the funds. Congress shall make no law that collects any sales tax prior to a sale.


Section 1: For every exception to any law, Congress has shown that it will create an agency or bureaucracy that only results in the consumption of the revenues within the government. The tax must be on everything for everybody at every age or the tax will be far higher.

The only reason to leave in place the entities that collected and processes income taxes is to maintain government jobs and the consumption of the revenues for no reason.

Section 2: We all do not need to see the tax every time we do anything. Government is not the center of the universe.

Section 3: This is an effort to prevent duplication of government agencies.

Section 4: Limiting the amount taken by the federal government will allow the United States of America to produce large ticket items or more finished products.

Section 5: Limiting the bureaucracy necessary to track and control products is required to prevent the waste of revenues by tracking and controlling.

Bob Niemeyer

June 1, 2015