Solar Powered Hydrogen Generation: Biggest Modern-day Opportunity for Oregon

What we should be doing instead of a Carbon Tax: Create competition with fossil fuels.

One big solution is to pipe hydrogen from places that can easily be used for solar collector farms. There are places in Easter Oregon that have sun nearly all year around that are nothing more that rocks. There is a reason those lands were called “Bad Lands” because nothing could be done with them. Use the sun’s energy to generate hydrogen and pipe that hydrogen to places like Portland or LA and convert the hydrogen back to electricity with fuel cells.

It is difficult to get most people to understand that the meter on your house or apartment is showing how much energy you consume and does not show how much was really generated and lost to resistance to get there. Only about 30% of the power produced gets to the user. The rest goes up as heat and sparks. (That is what you hear on the radio when you drive under high tension lines.)

Elon Musk published a picture of how he would use batteries to save the electricity that was generated during the day to supply the power at night. What was left out of the picture was how much energy is lost in the wire that takes the energy to the consumer or to feed the “FIX-ALL” electric car craze.

Nevada is probably one of the best places in the US for this. That State alone could produce more energy with this technique then the entire US consumption of fossil fuels. The Sahara Desert in Africa could produce everything necessary for all of Africa and Europe as well. One 10 square mile area of land converted to solar collection and hydrogen production would create more energy than two Trojan Nuclear Power plants without nuclear waste to take care of forever.

And for all of the fear mongers that will only show pictures of the Hindenburg going up in flames, hydrogen is a lot safer than anybody will let the people of this Nation find out about. Fuel cell cars and truck have already been developed. If only society could get past the fear of hydrogen blowing up in our faces, we could be producing more energy than anybody can imagine in a way that will not harm the environment at all.

In Oregon, we already have solar companies and fuel cell companies that can do this. And to waylay any fears of hydrogen, there are plenty of horizontal drilling technologies that could drill hundreds of feet below everything that could install the pipelines to our cities without anybody even noticing that it was done. And to waylay one more thing about hydrogen leaking through the pipes and losing just as much energy as wire loses to resistance, the same material that potato chip bags and Helium balloons are made from is what the pipes would be made from.

This is what we should be doing. This is not rocket science, doesn’t even take a lot of math to see how it would work, and would create genuine competition with fossil fuels. The only drawback is that the government would have to tell the truth.

Bob Niemeyer