Why Run for Governor

Bob Niemeyer

I ran for Congress three years ago thinking that I could do something that would get Congress to represent the people again. It is absolutely clear that there is no way to convince anybody in Congress to change their ways because all of them get so much in terms of benefits, pensions, health care, and high salaries for the rest of their lives.

The only way to get Congress to represent the people again is to take advantage of Article 5 in the United States Constitution that allows the States to amend the Constitution without going through Congress.

As Governor of the State of Oregon, I would be able to bring a modern day Declaration of Independence and several Constitutional Amendments to the Convention of the States for consideration on generating the necessary changes that would get Congress to represent the people instead of themselves.

Constitutional Amendment 28 Fourth Branch of Government
Constitutional Amendment 29 Contract for the People
Constitutional Amendment 30 National Sales Tax
Constitutional Amendment 31 Supreme Court Overturn
Declaration of Independence

Bob Niemeyer

October 9, 2015