Debate Q and A

Draft 1.01

May 1, 2016

Bob Niemeyer

This Debate question and answer list is being added to because I believe there will never be a genuine debate between the candidates during
the primary or general election. Forums do not allow for the candidates to ask questions of each other. And every event has not had the bravery (GUTS) to
let the candidate ask and answer questions of each other. Let the sparks fly with what we really think is right for the State of Oregon.

Opening Statement, Bob Niemeyer:

  1. I will cut the size of Government. I believe that there is as much as 40% extra employees of the State of Oregon that are not necessary and are
    that are based on Administrative Laws and Rules created outside of the Constitutional process.
  2. I will cut out any parts of the Government that were created of the Constitutional process. All forms of extra branches of Government will be
  3. I do not believe that PERS has the assets of about $70 billion that are being claimed in the 2016 biennium budget. I believe that there is less
    than $30 billion left of the original amount of $66 billion claimed in 1992.

    1. I will find a way to protect the People from unfairly paying for a mismanaged and gutted system that could have been saved so long ago. A
      mismanaged system that everybody knew full well would come to this day of reckoning of being broke or worse.
    2. I will cut the payments to PERS recipients based on how much assets and cash deposits are remaining within the PERS program. The cuts and
      distributions will be based on “Life recovery time”, means testing, and a maximum distribution payments.

      1. “Life recovery time” is the time needed for a person to accumulate the same benefit package of 60% of one’s
        income based on five years of working for the State. Retired people shall have the have the highest priority for continued
      2. Means testing will be applied to distributions.
      3. Maximum distribution shall be based on State contributions and personal contribution to PERS.
      4. The system for PERS recovery is work in progress.
  4. I will get the budgets back in line with what the Constitutional guidelines is for distribution of funds for Natural resources and fuel taxes
  5. I will stand against Sanctuary cities and Counties and will stand against allowing Muslim refugees into the State of Oregon.
  6. I will stand against any Carbon Tax.
  7. I stand against GPS tracking for the purpose of tax collection. Fuel taxes at the pump is all the State will ever get.
  8. I will find a way to rewrite and ratify a modern-day Constitution for the State of Oregon and stand in favor of the “Convention of the
    Counties” now being developed.

Q. Bob Niemeyer, Bruce Cuff, Allen Alley, and Dr. Bud Pierce:

  1. The Oregonian is true to form and has come out completely in favor of all of the Democratic candidates. What is your opinion?

Answer, Bob Niemeyer: The Oregonian is treating elections like they were football games. Elections should not be held in the same regard as the
Duck’s vs. the Beaver’s. The Oregonian has shown only that winning is far more important than the future of the State. Electing Democratic
party leaders is all that is important. Nothing else matters. “Ra-Ra-Ree, kick them in the knee…Ra-Ra-Ras, kick them in the other knee.”
has been the only cheer leading coming out of the Oregonian. The fact of the matter is that the other team is the People of the State of Oregon.

  1. Do you support a minimum wage?

Answer, Bob Niemeyer: No. Every time inflation gets to the point that wages are in the realm of what would have been necessary to hire a person, the
government steps in and destroys the future of new entries into the work place. Has it ever occurred to middle class America that the minimum wage for
unskilled, uneducated, and unwilling workers has just turned into a maximum wage for skilled and educated people. I look at the minimum wage as one of the
biggest kicks in the teeth for those that went to college, went into debt, and spent a good portion of their lives to better themselves for nothing.

Q. Allen Alley:

  1. You jumped into the race at the last minute. What do you say the critics that have the attitude that you have an “Entitlement” mind set
    to be Governor?
  2. You have already gone negative in your adds about the other Gubernatorial Candidates. What do you say about the negative adds meaning only that you
    have nothing positive to offer the State of Oregon?
  3. When you were in charge of the Republican party in Oregon, did you receive a salary?
  4. Are in favor of growth boundaries being controlled by Portland? Metro? Someone other than the city councils?

Q. Dr. Bud Pierce:

  1. You said on KEZI Radio that you did not care if you won the race and that you were willing to spend $1,000,000 of your own money.
    1. Why run if you do not care if you win?
  2. Seems like a lot of money if you do not care. Where did you get the money?
  3. I understand that you transferred a few of your clients to the Oregon Health Care program you were paid $1,500,000 by the Oregon Health Plan.
    1. Explain how you were paid that much when every other doctor is getting about 24¢ (yes that is cents) on $100 of billing from the same
    2. Did you receive the money when Governor Kitzhaber was in office?
  4. You contributed to the Oregon Health Plan development as an advisor. What were your responsibilities?
  5. You have already gone negative in your adds about the other Gubernatorial Candidates. What do you say about the negative adds meaning only that you
    have nothing positive to offer the State of Oregon?
  6. Are in favor of growth boundaries being controlled by Portland? Metro? Someone other than the city councils?

Q. Bruce Cuff:

  1. With your background in real estate, how would you address the issues of the urbane-growth boundaries and their effect on the cost of housing.
  2. Are in favor of growth boundaries being controlled by Portland? Metro? Someone other than the city councils?

Q. Governor Kate Brown:

  1. Did you know about the selling of Oregon mining rights in Harney County?
  2. You have not veto any thing. Have you considered ore even read any of the bill you have signed into law?
  3. Why have you allowed so many emergency clause bills to become law?
  4. What were you thinking when you signed into law a minimum wage law that specifies different levels in minimum wages in different sections of the
    State when the Oregon Constitution clearly states that all laws of that kind must apply to everybody equally.

The following are questions or issues with my responses that have come up in the news or brought up when I take time to listen to the People of Oregon
sense I started the campaign for Governor of the State of Oregon.

Global warming or Climate Change:

  1. Man-made or human being caused climate change is not possible. Man-kind is still a small part of Nature that we can-not affect any kind of climate
  2. Man-made pollution is possible and should be what is considered at a real possibility.
  3. Carbon tax is not required and should not be allowed in any way. Carbon tax is nothing more than way to increase taxes give the government more
    money to waste on non-related government involvement and intrusions into the People’s and Businesses lives.
  4. Oxygenated fuel is a hoax as well. There is not enough corn on the planet to provide the ethanol used to gasoline. Ethanol is being produced from
    oil by partially burning the oil. Energy wasted at the refineries that could have been used to propel our cars instead decrease out mileage and
    make us all spend more on fuel taxes.
  5. Competition with carbon fuels should be allowed only if they are proven to be cost effective and sustainable.
    1. I will continue to push for Solar Energy to be used to generate Hydrogen that can be piped to cities in Oregon for conversion back to
      electricity within businesses and buildings across Oregon.
    2. Ten square miles of Solar Panels will generate more energy than two Trojan sized nuclear generation facilities.
    3. The amount of jobs that would be created and sustained by building such systems for export to Nevada or Europe would be large and well


  1. What are your views on illegal immigration?
    1. Illegal immigration must be stopped.
    2. Build the wall between the US and Mexico now.
  2. Where do you stand on the Syrian refugees? Haven’t heard much about the war going on in Syria as of late. All we have heard about is the need
    to bring refugees to America.

    1. We have got to have a complete moratorium on accepting the Syrian refugees.
    2. We have got to stop accepting all Muslims from all countries.
    3. There are clearly two types of refugees.
      1. Those that at getting away from the civil war.
      2. Those that are be exported to spread their religious beliefs.
    4. Stop the flow of refugees until we have a way to vet the refugees that makes sense.
    5. Send back the refugees that have now.
  3. Where do you stand on the Syrian refugees coming to Salem:
    1. The refugees coming to Salem were Vetted by the churches that checked out the backgrounds of the people they are willing to take in. I do
      not have a problem with people that are actually coming to the US for genuine religious freedom.
    2. Notice how the refugees that were allowed in Salem were actually vetted. Notice how the refugees that are now and have been sent have gone
      to Portland.
  4. Sanctuary Cities and Counties must be stopped.
    1. The Government officials that have chosen to ignore the laws that were put in place to protect Americans must be held accountable for
      crimes against the People by the refugees and illegal aliens.
  5. Does anybody remember “Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh” in Antelope Oregon?
    1. Yes. They were here to create their own culture and take over a piece of Oregon and rule it for themselves.
    2. People died and many were poisoned.
    3. Do you think that modern day extremist will stop at just trying to make everybody sick on election day?
      1. No

Statement: It is beyond my understanding how today’s current leadership of the State, counties, cities, and local government can allow the levels of
crime due to illegal immigrants. I will create the necessary facilities to hold for deportation the illegal immigrants. Even if that deportation takes
until we have a Federal Government that finally starts protecting America again.


  1. Do you believe that the taxpayers of the State of Oregon should be paying for the losses in the PERS system?
    1. No.

Statement: I will protect the People and Business of the State of Oregon from paying for the complete lack of responsibility, corruption, and incompetence
of the leadership of this State. Even if that means declaring bankruptcy on the PERS program to force the issue of finding out how much of the PERS money
still exist.

I genuinely feel for the people that work for State of Oregon. Those employees that put their faith and trust in the people that run the State did not take
care of, plan ahead for, or responsibly handle the funds that were to be set aside for the future of your retirement. The Democratic Party leadership in
the Oregon Legislature let you down.

Oregon Health Care:

  1. Do you believe that the taxpayers of the State of Oregon should be paying for the losses in the Oregon Health Care system?
    1. No.
  2. Do you have an alternative health care system in mind?
    1. Yes. Health Care Savings accounts.
    2. There are many Republican plans for how to have gotten competition in the health care industry.
    3. I will post on my plan for a simple way to have gotten competition into the insurance industry.

Oracle Law Suite:

  1. The lawsuit was supposedly settled back in December.
  2. In February, Oracle filed a new claim over

Disaster Preparation:

  1. Many people are talking about the “Big One”, meaning the earthquake that will happen sometime between five minutes from now and 100
    years. What are you going to do to make sure that Oregon is ready for natural disasters?

    1. I do not believe that money has been set aside for disaster preparation. We will not be able to find out until we have a treasurer that
      will tell the people of Oregon where we stand on how many resources are available.
    2. There is one thing that all disasters have in common, the need for heavy equipment to move mountains or repair infrastructure. The
      necessary equipment and people all exist in the private sector and I am sure that should the People of Oregon need to call upon the few
      that can actually help, they will help. The people of this State need to have confidence that the funds to help Oregonians after a natural
      disaster are actually there and were not stolen by corruption within Government.

Tina Kotek (Speaker of House) and her warning that kids will suffer in their education:

Statement: Here we go again. The Democratic Party is using children to get more tax dollars out of us all. Rather than address the waste in government or
the fact that the Constitution says that Education comes first, the legislature will ignore the Constitution and spend money on anything but what we need
to take care of.

Lynn County Lawsuit:

Statement: Our Counties should not have to sew the State to keep what they have produced with their own resources and should not be forced to pay for the
irresponsible actions of the government.


  1. Columbia River Bridge
  2. Road repair
  3. County funding
  4. Gasoline taxes are dedicated to infrastructure?

Schools, Charter Schools, and Education.

Department of energy:

  1. Just another example of corruption.
  2. Will get to the bottom of this operation when I am Governor.

Gun Control:

  1. Do you believe in “Gun Free Zones”?
    1. No. The correct name for such a place is “Gun Free Targets”.
  2. Should Schools in Oregon have armed guards on sight?
    1. As long as there is a positive terrorist threat on American soil, we will need to keep armed guards or at the very least armed teachers on

Statement: If the left is successful at getting the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, then the Government and Criminals will be the only
people the guns. With recent events, we must add to the list of people with guns; Muslim Terrorist. I assure the People of Oregon that when the Government,
Criminals, and Terrorist are the only people with guns, “Nobody” will be able to tell the difference between the three.

Motor Voter:

  1. Do you believe that this was a good idea?
    1. I have not yet formed my thoughts on this issue.

Oregon’s Land Use Policy:

  1. Metro and the Urbane Growth Boundaries are being blamed for the rise in housing cost. What would you do to decrease the cost of housing in Oregon?
    1. Land use is the responsibility of the cities. The State’s responsibilities begin with coordination of resources necessary to support
      city decisions.


  1. The lack of support of our Veterans is the most disgusting action the government can do. How can the people we elect possibly treat anyone as bad.

Vote by mail:

  1. Stop Now.

Sick Pay:

  1. Sick pay is something that businesses across the State should have kept as a way to compete for employee’s compensation.
  2. Sick pay, vacation pay, maternity leave, or family emergency leave should all have been left alone and not been made mandatory by the State.


  1. Drug testing to receive welfare should be mandatory.
  2. Maximum of four months welfare before full review and reconsideration of continuance.

Burns Oregon / BLM / Harney County:

Statement: What happened in Harney County is inexcusable. The National Guard should have been called out to stop the BLM and perhaps expel the BLM. The
attention for the issue has been made public. Clemency should have been used to stop the situation from escalating to what happened and would clearly have
stopped the death of any Oregonians.

Federal ownership of land:

Statement; More the half of the land in Oregon is owned by the Federal Government. I do not see that ownership changing for a good deal of time yet.
However, Oregon can and should take over the management of the Natural Resources on those lands. All BLM and EPA activities are to the brought under State
control for Oregon’s use.

GPS for taxation:

Statement; I will not allow any form of tracking for the purpose of taxation. Where people travel and how far they go is their business and not the
Government. We all pay taxes on the fuel, one of the highest in the Nation, to maintain the roads and build infrastructure for the future of this State.

Black Lives Matter:

Statement; All the “Black Lives Matter” protesting did was to cause the People of the State to no care any longer for black lives. What good
does is do if all the People get for caring is the continued destruction of property, businesses, and relations between the people everywhere.

College protesters:

All I see in the college protests around the Nation was students taking up the space that could have been used by students that are at college for an
education instead of a place, an expensive place, to live.

Metro and the Urban growth boundary:

  1. What will you do about Metro?
    1. I will shut down Metro.
    2. I will stop anything that Metro has done to prevent local government entities form taking care of their own land use issues.

The spread of “Administrative Law” or Unconstitutionally created law:

  1. What will you do about the Administrative Law problem in Oregon?
    1. I will hunt down and discontinue any all administrative laws and rules that were not created through the Constitutional process.
    2. I will require that all laws have each and every name attached to every bill to verify that the bill originated from the Legislators and
      not from special interest under the table.


  1. Do not agree with making Marijuana legal for recreation without also including ways to protect the People and business of Oregon from those that
    use on the job.

    1. Businesses should have unconditional ability to hire and fire people that do not use drugs.
    2. Businesses should be unconditionally given the decision whether a position within the business should be “Drug Free”.
    3. The State of Oregon should not be allowed to tax the use of Marijuana. There will be just as much crime trying to evade taxes as there was
      when the Marijuana was illegal.

Statement: I will pursue legislation that will protect businesses from firing people that use drugs and / or Marijuana. A business should have the
unconditional ability to decide if a position within their business should be drug free. And included in that legislation will be the requirement that the
State of Oregon “Shall Not” override any decision made by a business, whether that business be based in Oregon or out of the State. All
legal actions would be banned. The decision of the business to be drug free is unconditional. The State of Oregon shall only have the ability to require
certain jobs to be drug free.

Plastic Bags:

Show me a person that is against using plastic bags and I will show you a person that has no idea of how paper is manufactured.