Cost of Democratic Party Rule

Bob Niemeyer

We must all understand that the Democratic Party leadership is doing what Democrats think is “right” for the people. And at this point in our history, the Democratic party is doing whatever it takes to prove that they are “right”. Please note that there is a clear difference between the Democratic Party “Leadership” and a Democratic Party “Member”.

And as a result of doing whatever it takes to prove they are right: “There is absolutely no cost great enough to the citizens of the United States of America or to the People of the State of Oregon that will convince today’s Democratic Party leadership to represent the People instead of their party. There is no cost in Liberty, no cost in the increasing size of government, no cost in what it takes to buy votes, no cost in the loss of businesses, and no cost in the lost education of our children that will change the minds of the Democratic leadership that the direction that they are taking this State and Nation is not the direction that the overwhelming majority want to go in”.

Health care is but one example of an escalating effort to prove that the Democrats and the government is “right”. The first attempt of government involvement in healthcare was “Hillary-Care”. That effort was stopped by an uprising of people that saw through the veil of lies. Then came Obama-care. The Democrats came back with a vengeance, with weapons this time like the IRS, to try to prove that they are “right” and show us all that government can administer a health care system, make all of your health decisions for you, and do it all for less money than what could be done by the private sector. And now with President Trump showing how many people do not want government involved, we all can see how the Democratic Party Leadership will do anything it takes to keep what they think we should all live under.

It is very important to note that “Cost” is not always in terms of Dollars. The cost is also in terms of the loss of Freedom, loss of rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and the loss of personal safety, just to name a few. But the worst cost of all is the cost of “despair”. I cannot imagine how much this Nation has lost because people vote for the Democratic Party, “(D)”, only to keep what meager existence they have as a result of Democratic Party control of the government. I cannot imagine how painful it is to experience the “despair” behind having to vote for Democratic Party because you think that that is the only way to have something or anything at all.

The future of this State and Nation will depend on replacing those elected officials that are continuously trying to prove that the Democrats know better what the people want, know better how the people should live, or know better what parents want for the children of Oregon. We must replace the Democratic leadership with new elected officials that believe in smaller government, believe in reducing government involvement in business, and believe in rebuilding our Independence. 

Bob Niemeyer

January 5, 2018