Campaign Promises

Bob Niemeyer

There are precious few campaign promises that can be made that can actually be kept. The only promise that can be kept are ones that a person has within his or her heart to keep and not dependent on others to do what they may promise to do. The following is my list of promises that I will stand by as Governor of the State of Oregon:

  1. “I will not be a Politian, I will be a Representative”. Everything I do as Governor will be toward the Independence of the People of the State of Oregon and this Nation. Independence is my number 1 priority of being a Representative.

  1. “ As Governor of the State of Oregon, I will grant a full and absolute Pardon to Arron and Melissa Klein to stop the total miscarriage of Justice over their refusal to bake a cake.” The power of the “Pardon” was created by the people that started this Nation for instances just like this one. The “Sweet Cakes affair” is an out of control miscarriage of Justice and must be stopped.

  1. “I will within two years of taking office have a rewritten Constitution for the State of Oregon”. Our Constitution has so much outdated, convoluted, and misdirected content that I believe it is time that a correction be made to help this State move forward into the future with an Independence-based Constitution.