Campaign Promises

Bob Niemeyer

There are precious few campaign promises that can be made that can actually be kept. The only promise that can be kept are ones that a person has within his or her heart to keep and not dependent on others to do what they may promise to do. The following is my list of promises that I will stand by as Representative of the 35 District in the State of Oregon:

  1. “I will not be a Politician, I will be a Representative”. Everything I do as Representative will be toward the Independence of the People of the State of Oregon and this Nation. Independence is my number 1 priority of being a Representative.

  1. “I will within two years of taking office have a rewritten Constitution for the State of Oregon”. Our Constitution has so much outdated, convoluted, and misdirected content that I believe it is time that a correction be made to help this State move forward into the future with an Independence-based Constitution.