Bob is Qualified to be the Governor of the state of oregon

Bob Niemeyer

The Government is telling the People and Businesses how to live and work through the use of taxation, regulation, and unequal protection under the law. I believe that the People and Businesses should be telling the Government how to live by demanding Independence.

Having been in business and working all of my life, I have experience in every stage of employment. I have had real jobs and had to pay real taxes all of my life.

My degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University, a Professional Engineering License, and many Patents to my name is proof that I am at least smart enough to handle the job.

My knowledge of science, engineering, manufacturing, business, economics, mathematics, chemistry, electricity, software, computers, entrepreneurship, teaching, and mentoring (just to name a few) when applied to the laws that our Legislature create will be the best way to stop useless taxation, spending, and regulation (just to name way too many) from becoming a further burden on the People of the State of Oregon.

People come to me, sometimes with their life savings, who are willing to believe in me and my abilities to turn an idea into reality. I am used to the responsibility that goes along with handling other people’s money and how important that responsibility is to everyone I meet. For me, there is no difference between someone’s life savings and the People’s tax dollars.

“I believe that running for Governor it is the right thing to do. I know what needs to be done and, most important of all, is why.”

Bob Niemeyer

October 9, 2015